How to Properly Care for Winter Garments

By now you’ve probably broken out the sweaters, and maybe even scarves and coats. Do you know how to properly care for these items so they stay in good shape, though? Some winter items need different care than the lighter items you wear in spring and summer. Read on for tips on how to ensure your winter clothes stay in great shape throughout the winter!
• Coats and jackets should be washed at the beginning of winter and at the end. Unless instructions on your coat say differently, you can simply run this item through the wash, on gentle, using cold water. Then wring out excess water before drying it on low.
• But what about if you get stains on your coat or jacket during winter? As long as they are light stains, you can blot them with cold water (or soda water) and a towel to remove. Heavier stains will mean rewashing your coat fully, though.
• Speaking of stains—if you get salt, slush, or mud stains on your clothing or coat, treat them immediately! The longer you let them sit, the more time they have to set, which makes them more challenging to remove. Stains such as these will likely require stain remover.
• Winter accessories, like scarves, mittens, and hats should be washed once a month. Depending on the item, you can either lay them flat or hang them to dry, or run them through the dryer in a laundry bag (the bag will keep your dryer from eating mittens and scarves from getting tangled with other items).
• If your accessories (or sweaters) are hand-knitted, you’ll want to wash them by hand. Just fill a sink or tub with cold water and a few drops of detergent or dish soap to wash, then rinse with cold water. Be sure to rinse these items well, so no soap is left behind!
• If you’re drying a down item, dry it on low.
• Occasionally, sweaters will get bent out of shape when go through the wash. You can help prevent this by wrapping sweaters in a towel after a wash to soak up excess water, then drying it by laying flat and reshaping.
Winter clothes might require a bit more work to properly care for than spring and summer clothes, but it’s worth it to have them last longer. Keep these tips in mind this winter and your clothing will look sharp all season long!
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